Days of Service 2023-24

The Days of Service program aims to engage the BU community in weekends of one-time service and leadership opportunities that introduce local social justice efforts to our participants. We hope partaking in Days of Service will encourage participants to reflect on the ethics of service, and how their backgrounds or skill sets can support grassroots efforts to address issues affecting the city of Boston and beyond. Our program aims to foster sustainable and lasting connections between volunteers and local community partners to encourage further involvement with the CSC and the greater Boston community.

Program Overview:

Join us for the refreshed Days of Service program! This year, volunteers will be able to choose whether to attend one of two dynamic sessions on Saturday and/or Sunday of a given “weekend of service” that fits their schedule. Each 2-3 hour session will start off with refreshments and a presentation on the community partner for that day, followed by a service project led by Service Chairs, and lastly, a short reflection portion where volunteers integrate the CSC’s ethics with their experience. We will have service opportunities on March 30 and April 20- 21. If you would like to volunteer with us, complete this interest form and we will follow up with more information. 

Days of Service Chairs:

Serving as a Days of Service chair is an excellent way to take on a low-time-commitment leadership role in the Community Service Center while learning more about our community partners across the Greater Boston area. DoS chairs are student leaders who have passions for community service, education, and social justice. They educate their cohort on the CSC’s principles of ethical service and on the community partner they will be working with that day. Chairs are responsible for ensuring the safe transport of volunteer groups from campus to site and back using CSC funding and/or transportation. DoS chairs are also expected to lead a short reflection activity with volunteers about their focus area in relation to the wider city.

Past Participant Testimonials:

Have Questions?  Please email the Days of Service Program Manager Hina Zahid, at or call the CSC office at 617-353-4710.