First-Year Student Outreach Project (FYSOP)

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Mission: The First Year Student Outreach Project (FYSOP) welcomes first-year students to Boston University and encourages them to be more active citizens within the Greater Boston area through a week of community engagement, reflection, and service before classes begin. Led by a group of student leaders and joined by fellow first-year students, participants will spend a week making connections, forging friendships, and learning about Boston and its people, BU, and the intentional impact we have.

Vision: FYSOP aims to encourage growth by providing the building blocks students need as they begin this new transition into college. Through this week of community-building, service, reflection, and fun, participants will begin BU with a greater understanding of Boston, a better sense of self, and a stronger sense of community.

Our Objectives: The program intends for participants to:

  • Forge friendships with fellow participants through thoughtful and engaging conversations.
  • Understand the concept of intersectionality and how it plays a role in our community, either in the Greater Boston area or at BU.
  • Leave the week feeling empowered and willing to generate positive change within their communities post-FYSOP. 
  • Encourage students to be intentional with the language used to discuss their experiences with service, community partners, and various social justice topics.
  • Become active citizens in the world by addressing to community needs in a socially responsible way.

Be involved further?

Don’t miss out on the Community Service Center’s various programs throughout the academic year!

FYSOP 2022 is open to all new Fall undergraduates (incoming freshmen and transfer students) at Boston University, as well as rising CGS sophomore students who matriculated January 2022. Check out our FAQ page down below for more information!

FYSOP Museum (2021)

Even if you missed out on FYSOP this year, it’s never too late to take a look at our virtual museum! The FYSOP Museum is a collection of research, community spotlights, and personal anecdotes that is designed to help students educate themselves on the many different facets of Boston’s communities and how these intersect with the social justice areas we explore during our services.


Meet the 2022 Team!

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