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Bernstein J, Gebel C, Vargas C, Geltman P, Walter A, Garcia RI, et al. Integration of Oral Health Into the Well-Child Visit at Federally Qualified Health Centers: Study of 6 Clinics, August 2014–March 2015. Prev Chronic Dis 2016;13:160066.

Integration of Oral Health into Pediatric Medical Primary Care in Community Health Centers” June 2015 – Final Report – CREEDD Project#1 Final report NIDCR Protocol #11-013

Borrelli B, Tooley EM, Scott-Sheldon LA, Motivational Interviewing for Parent-child Health Interventions: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Pediatric Dentistry, 2015:37(3),:294-299

Garcia RI et al.Progress in Early Childhood Caries and Opportunities in Research, Policy, and Clinical Management. Pediatric Dentistry, 2015:37(3),:254-265

Cadoret CA, Garcia RI.  Health disparities and the multicultural imperative.  J Evid Base Dent Pract 2014;14(Suppl):160-170.

Cortes D, Reategui-Sharpe L, Wehler C, Jones JA, Garcia RI.  Factors affecting children’s oral health: Perceptions among Latino parents.  J Public Health Dent 2012;72: 82–89.

Garcia RI.  Immigrant Oral Health.  In: Encyclopedia of Immigrant Health.  (Eds.: Loue S, Sajatovic M)  Springer Science, New York, NY; 2012. Pp. 1156-1157.

Borrelli B.  The assessment, monitoring, and enhancement of treatment fidelity in public health clinical trials. J Public Health Dent  2011; 71:S52–S63.

Huntington NL, Spetter D, Jones JA, Rich SE, Garcia RI, Spiro A. Development and validation of a measure of pediatric oral health-related quality of life: the POQL. 3rd.  J Public Health Dent  2011; 71:185-93.

From the First Tooth July 09, 2010

Cunnion D, Spiro A, Jones JA, Rich SE, Papageorgio CP, Tate A, Casamassimo P, Hayes C, Garcia RI Pediatric Oral Health-Related Quality of Life Improvement After Treatment of ECC: A Prospective Multisite Study. J Dent Child  2010; 77:4-11.

Garcia RI, Inge RE, Niessen L, DePaola D.  Envisioning success: the future of the oral health care delivery system in the United States.  J Public Health Dent, 2010; 70:S58-S65.

Kanasi E, Johansson I, Lu SC, Kressin NR, Nunn ME, Kent RL Jr., Tanner ACR.  Microbial Risk Markers for Childhood Caries in Pediatricians’ Offices. J Dent Res 2010; 89:378-383.

Johansson I, Lif Holgerson P, Kressin NR, Nunn M, Tannner AC.  Snacking Habits and Caries in Young Children Caries Res 2010;44:421–430.

Okunseri C, Szabo A,  Garcia RI., Pajewski NM.  Provision of Fluoride Varnish Treatment by Medical and Dental Care Providers: Variation by Race/Ethnicity and Levels of Urban Influence.  J Public Health Dent, 2010; 70:211-219.

Soncini JA, Kanasi E, Lu SC, Nunn ME, Henshaw MM, Tanner AC. Oral microbiota of children in a school-based dental clinic. Anaerobe 2010 Jun;16(3):278-82. Epub 2009 Oct 29.PMID: 19879369

Kressin NR, Nunn ME, Singh H, Orner MB, Pbert L, Hayes C, Culler C, Glicken SR, Palfrey S, Geltman PL,  Cadoret C, Henshaw MM. Pediatric clinicians can help reduce rates of early childhood caries: effects of a practice based intervention.Med Care. 2009 Nov;47(11):1121-8. PMCID: PMC2920219

Nunn ME, Dietrich T, Singh HK, Henshaw MM, Kressin NR. Prevalence of early childhood caries among very young urban Boston children compared with US children. J Public Health Dent. 2009 Summer; 69(3):156-62. PMCID: PMC2814600

Nunn ME, Braunstein NS, Krall Kaye EA, Dietrich T, Garcia RI, Henshaw MM.  Healthy eating index is a predictor of early childhood caries.J Dent Res. 2009;88:361-6.

Okunseri C, Szabo A, Jackson S, Pajewski NM, Garcia RI.  Increased children’s access to fluoride varnish treatment by involving medical care providers: effect of a Medicaid policy change.  Health Services Research 2009; 44(4):1144-1156.

Dietrich T, Culler C, Garcia RI, Henshaw MM.  Racial and ethnic disparities in children’s oral health: The National Survey of Children’s Health. J Am Dent Assoc 2008;139:1507-1517.

Garcia RI, Cadoret CA, Henshaw M.  Multicultural issues in oral health.  Dent Clin N Am 2008; 52:319-332.

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MSPCC Report

Oral Heath of Massachusetts Children 2008

“Maryland Oral Health Summit: Pathways to Common Ground and Action: Background Papers and Commentaries”