Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Nationwide Children’s Hospital is one of the premier pediatric facilities in the country. For over 110 years, their nationally respected staff has helped children of all ages, using the latest advances in medical care and research. Nationwide Children’s Hospital also serves as a respected educational resource for parents and healthcare professionals alike.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital believes that no child should be refused necessary care and attention for lack of ability to pay. Upon this fundamental belief, Children’s is committed to providing the highest quality:
Advocacy for children and families
Education of patients, families and future providers
Service to accomodate the needs of patients and families

In the current CREEDD funding, Nationwide Children’s Hospital will provide some of the cites for Project 1: “Partnering with Community Health Centers to prevent ECC” that is led by Dr. Nancy KressinDr. Norman Tinanoff, and Dr. Paul Geltman.

In the initial CREEDD grant (2001-2008), Nationwide Children’s Hospital was one of the sites that investigated the relationship between early childhood caries (ECC) and “failure to thrive” in toddlers and young children through interventional treatment of ECC. Dr. Paul Cassamassimo led the effort at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.