The theatre got all-new carpet, which had not been replaced since 1988, new lighting in the lobby areas, a fresh coat of paint and wallpaper throughout, new vinyl flooring in select areas, new seating, and more. The team was able to complete all of this work in just a few short summer months before classes in the Tsai Center resumed in the fall.

Over 15 tons of construction waste was produced by the work. Based on the material, over two tons of this waste went to a waste-to-energy plant, where the method for disposal of this waste actually creates energy. The rest of the waste was brought to facilities that sort through the waste and recycle everything possible. These extra steps to dispose of waste in a more environmentally-friendly way come from recommendations made in BU’s Climate Action Plan to reduce our GHG emissions.

Project Team

Project Management: Jill Brown (Campus Planning & Operations)
Contractor: RHC General Contracting, Inc.