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  • Studio apartment with couch, table, bed, and kitchen
  • student apartment with desk, beds, dressers, table/chairs, and refrigerator.
  • galley kitchen

Seven undergraduate apartment buildings on Bay State Road underwent extensive renovations over the summer. The over one-hundred-year-old residences were modernized by restoring both front and rear exterior facades, historical windows, as well as new ceilings and walls. Apartments received contemporary kitchen cabinets, quartz counters, USB outlets, brand-new luxury vinyl flooring and hallway carpeting.

Energy efficiency studies were conducted before and after the renovations. In order to conserve energy, residences were enhanced with new ENERGY STAR® appliances, bathroom fixtures, LED lighting fixtures, low VOC paint, and fully insulated spaces. Three of the residences were converted to fully electrical heating and four are partially electrically heated. Each room is equipped with individual thermostats, allowing for efficient controlled heating. New fire alarm, electrical, plumbing, and sprinkler systems were installed throughout the building along with fire rated doors and hardware.

This is the 6th year of our initiative to improve undergraduate apartments and suite-style housing. With this summer’s renovations, over 300 units have been upgraded to serve the housing needs of more than 700 students.

Project Team

Project Management:Michael Mercurio (Campus Planning & Operations), BU Housing