Five papers to be presented at CDC 2019!

Joint Time and Energy-Optimal Control of Connected Automated Vehicles at Signal-Free Intersections with Speed-Dependent Safety Guarantees. (Yue, C.G. Cassandras)

Time and Energy-Optimal Lane Change Maneuvers for Cooperating Connected and Automated Vehicles (R. Chen, C.G. Cassandras, A. Tahmasbi-Sarvestani)

Conditions for Improving the Computational Efficiency of Decentralized Optimal Merging Controllers for Connected and Automated Vehicles (W. Xiao, C.G. Cassandras)

Optimal Multi-Agent Persistent Monitoring of the Uncertain State of a Finite Set of Targets (S. Pinto, S.B. Andersson,  J.M. Hendrickx, C.G. Cassandras)

Joint Estimation of OD Demands and Cost Functions in Transportation Networks from Data (S. Wollenstein-Betech, C. Sun, J, Zhang, I. Ch. Paschalidis)

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