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Current Students

Recent Graduated Students

Salomón Wollenstein Ph.D. 2022 Estimation and optimization methods for transportation networks
Wei Xiao Ph.D. 2021 Optimal control and learning for safety-critical autonomous systems
Shirantha Welikala Ph.D. 2021 Overcoming local optima in control and optimization of cooperative multi-agent systems
Rui Chen  Ph.D. 2020 Control and Optimization Methods for Problems in Intelligent Transportation Systems
Arian Houshmand  Ph.D. 2020 Eco-routing and Scheduling of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
Rebecca Swaszek  Ph.D. 2019 Fleet Load Balancing Strategies for Shared Mobility-On-Demand Systems
Nan Zhou  Ph.D. 2019 Cooperative Control for Multi-Agent Persistent Monitoring Problems
Yue Zhang  Ph.D. 2019 Methods in Intelligent Transportation Systems Exploiting Vehicle Connectivity, Autonomy and Roadway Data.
Xinmiao Sun  Ph.D. 2017 Static and Dynamic Optimization Problems in Cooperative Multi-Agent Systems
Sepideh Pourazarm  Ph.D. 2017 Control and Optimization Approaches for Energy-Limited Systems: Applications to Wireless Sensor Networks and Battery-Powered Vehicles
Julia Lima Fleck  Ph.D. 2016 Topics in Perturbation Analysis for Stochastic Hybrid Systems
Yasaman Khazaeni  Ph.D. 2016 An Event-Driven Approach to Control and Optimization of Multi-Agent Systems
Xuchao Lin  Ph.D. 2014 Optimal Control Approaches for Persistent Monitoring Problems
Yanfeng Geng  Ph.D. 2013 Control and Optimization Approaches for Power Management in Energy-Aware Battery-Powered Systems
Tao Wang  Ph.D. 2013 Optimization Methods for Intelligent Transportation Systems in Urban Settings
Ali Kebarighotbi  Ph.D. 2012 Scheduling, Optimization and Perturbation Analysis in Stochastic Hybrid Systems
Chen Yao  Ph.D. 2011 Perturbation Analysis, Optimization and Resource Contention Games in Stochastic Hybrid Systems
Minyi Zhong  Ph.D. 2010 Distributed Control and Optimization in Energy Limited Cooperative Systems
Xu Ning  Ph.D. 2009 Control and Optimization Approaches for Power Management in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jianfeng Mao  Ph.D. 2008 Dynamic Energy Management in Resource Limited Systems with Real-Time Constraints