Our Vision

The Children’s Center aims to be a community of active and capable citizens who value collaboration at the Center and within Boston University.  We strive to create, foster, and advance a lifelong desire to question and learn – in our children, their families, and our teachers and staff.  

Our Mission

The Children’s Center works to provide a safe, inclusive environment for play-based learning through Emergent Curriculum.  We work to build a vibrant community of learners, including children, teachers, and families, through meaningful connections and sustained relationships.

Our teachers and staff are highly qualified

  • Committed, well-educated, and well-trained staff are essential to creating a high-quality early learning environment.
  • Our program supports and guides our staff in creating a highly desirable work and learning environment, where teachers are valued and respected.
  • Our teachers are guides of learning and development and they are caregivers for children.
  • Our teachers are a support and resource for families.
  • Our teachers connect personally with the children in our program and provide nurturing and loving care.
  • We create a foundation of trust, allowing children to learn and grow in a warm and caring environment.

Communication is key

  • No one knows your child better than your family.
  • We encourage frequent conversations to learn more about what you see of your child at home.
  • We also share what we see of your child when they are in our care.

Children learn through play

  • They investigate and explore materials and activities that interest them both in the classroom and outdoors.
  • Our philosophy draws from many different, well-respected educational approaches, including Constructivism, Montessori, and Reggio Emilia.
  • Children play an active role in making choices about their day, taking care of themselves, and creating their own learning experiences.
  • We support the social and emotional growth as well as the development of physical and cognitive skills of the children in our care.

We respect diversity and community

  • We respect and celebrate diversity within our community.
  • We create a strong sense of community and acceptance through developmentally appropriate discussions, activities, materials, and books.
  • We provide exposure to and representation of differences at an early age.

We respect the environment and nurture a culture of sustainability

  • We teach and use sustainable practices in all that we do at the Center.
  • Reusing, recycling, composting, and gardening are important parts of everyday life in our program.
  • Children are inspired to understand and care for their environment.