Forthcoming Books:

  • Edited by Carrie J. Preston, Muhammad H. Zaman, and Marina Lazetic. US and EU Border Externalization Regimes: The Lines They Draw. Anthem Press. To appear in Fall 2023.
  • Carrie J. Preston, John Carrell, Aliza Wong, Chad Cain, and Muhammad Zaman, “Honors Liberal Arts for the 21st Century,” in A Comprehensive Guide to Honors Colleges, ed. Richard Badenhausen (National Collegiate Honors Council, forthcoming 2023).
  • Muhammad H. Zaman. Access Denied: Healthcare and the forcibly displaced. Johns Hopkins University Press. To appear Spring 2023.
  • Muhammad H. Zaman. Weaponizing Infection. (Under contract, The New Press).
  • Muhammad H. Zaman. Dying by the roadside: Refugee health and statecraft in the new state of Pakistan. (Under contract, Johns Hopkins Press).
  • Carrie J. Preston, Complicit Participation: The Liberal Audience for Antiracist Theater (Forthcoming Oxford University Press).

Recently Published Books:

Peer-Reviewed Articles:


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