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China seeing surge in ‘unexplained pneumonia’ — should we be worried here? | NBC 10 Boston

China has recently reported a surge of unexplained respiratory illness, particularly among children. However, many experts in the US don’t consider it a cause for alarm. CEID faculty Dr. David Hamer told NBC 10 Boston he theorizes this increase could be attributed to young children having become more “susceptible as a result of the lockdowns […]

Has Mass. Closed the Racial Gap for COVID Vaccinations? Here’s What Boston Doctors Say | NBC 10 Boston

CEID Faculty Dr. Cassandra Pierre joined a group of Boston doctors to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the Black community: “…When COVID-19 vaccines were first rolled out in 2020, there were concerns about vaccine hesitancy in part due to historical trauma that still exists within the Black community. ‘We are still contending with […]