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CDC preparing for ‘possibility of increased risk to human health’ from bird flu | ABC News

As federal health officials begin to stockpile H5N1 vaccines, CEID affiliate faculty Dr. John Brownstein commends the preparedness measure and explains it isn’t a sign for the general population to be overly concerned. “Public health, when it’s working at its best, is proactive and it’s actively looking for potential signals, is using all methodologies data […]

USDA conducting studies on beef due to bird flu outbreak but maintain supply is safe | ABC News

The USDA has not found any evidence of live, infectious H5N1 virus in pasteurized milk. USDA officials are now also testing beef for any potential for transmission of the virus. “Despite our confidence in the safety of the meat supply, the importance of continued and comprehensive investigations remains critical. These studies are crucial for maintaining […]

Breakthrough COVID-19 infections and deaths rose during delta, but far outpaced by the unvaccinated | ABC News

CEID Faculty Dr. Ellie Murray spoke with ABC News about breakthrough COVID-19 infections. “Murray and Lessler both likened the COVID-19 vaccine to a seatbelt, explaining that even if an individual were to get into a car accident, the seatbelt can often, but not always, help prevent significant injury or death. ‘Breakthrough infections are not evidence […]