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Our Lab has four presentations at the upcoming Clinical Aphasiology Conference

Relationship between levels of assistance and changes in treatment performance in individuals with aphasia-­‐Understanding individual responsiveness to rehabilitation: Des Roches, Mitko &  Kiran Evaluating treatment  and generalization patterns of two theoretically motivated sentence comprehension therapies; Vallila-­‐Rohter, Des Roches, Tripodis, Caplan, & Kiran Understanding semantic and phonological processing deficits in adults with aphasia: Effects of category and typicality. Erin Meier, Melody Lo and Swathi Kiran Domain general vs. […]

Aphasia Lab presents three posters at #OHBM

Aphasia Lab will present three posters on brain mapping and connectivity at the annual human brain mapping #OHBM in Hawaii in June. Vallila-Rohter, S., & Kiran, S. (2015, June). Neural activations during feedback-based and paired associate category learning in aphasia.  Poster to be presented at the annual Organization for Human Brain Mapping Meeting, Honolulu, HI. […]

Our article in Aphasiology

Find the full article by following the link below, which will be published in a special issue of Aphasiology examining generalization following intervention. Kiran, S., Des Roches, C., Villard, S., & Tripodis, Y. (2015). The effect of a sentence comprehension treatment on discourse comprehension in aphasia. Aphasiology.

Upcoming conference presentations from the lab

Academy of Aphasia, Oct 28-Oct 30th, San Francisco, CA. Effects of Training Sentence to Picture Matching and Object Manipulation to Improve Sentence Comprehension in Aphasia: Acquisition and Generalization Kiran S.a, Caplan D.b, Villard S.a, Ascenso E.a, Waters G.a a Speech and Hearing Sciences, Boston University b Massachusetts General Hospital Linguistic and Non-Linguistic Interference Suppression in […]