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Spotlight Blog: Understanding Primary Progressive Aphasia, Bruce Willis and Wendy Williams’s Diagnoses

BU Center for Brain Recovery Researchers Discuss: Understanding Primary Progressive Aphasia, Bruce Willis’s and Wendy Williams’s Diagnoses The recent diagnoses of Bruce Willis and Wendy Williams have brought a spotlight to a relatively lesser-known condition called primary progressive aphasia (PPA) and its broader category, frontotemporal dementia (FTD). Willis’s family revealed in 2022 that the beloved […]

First Neuroscience of the Everyday World Conference at Boston University, co-hosted by Chen Institute

Introduction to the Conference Neuroscience in the Everyday World is a new avenue of research that Boston University’s Center for Brain Recovery, Neurophotonics Center, and researchers alike are exploring with great interest. The use of fNIRS, machine learning, eye tracking, and other technologies are making it possible for the brain to be studied in real […]

Read our recent paper: Typicality-based semantic treatment for anomia results in multiple levels of generalisation

Click here for a free copy of our latest paper published in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation  showing that participants with chronic aphasia improve significantly on trained and untrained items and demonstrate transfer to semantic/phonological processing and global language skills after typicality-based semantic feature analysis treatment.    

Teens teaching technology program at BU_BU Today close up

For eight weeks this summer, high school students taught stroke survivors how to use various forms of technology, smart phones, tablets, computers and various types of software. This program allowed high school students to understand more about aphasia and allowed stroke survivors to learn and troubleshoot their technology problems. Here is a picture on BU […]