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BU Center for Brain Recovery Researchers Work to Address Health Disparities in Post-Stroke Aphasia

Addressing Health Disparities in Post-Stroke Aphasia Stroke recovery is a journey that extends beyond the physical healing process, delving into the realms of communication and social integration. For many, the aftermath of a stroke includes aphasia – a condition characterized by difficulty in speaking, understanding language, writing, or reading. However, not all stroke survivors face […]

Advancing Bilingual Aphasia Treatment With Boston University Researchers’ PROCoM Projects

Introduction Predicting Rehabilitation Outcomes in Bilingual Aphasia using Computation Modeling (PROCoM) is a concept pioneered by Boston University’s Center for Brain Recovery, led by Swathi Kiran and in development by researchers Erin Carpenter, Manuel Marte, Marissa Russel, and Michael Scimeca and researcher collaborators at UT-Austin Risto Miikkulainen and Uli Grasemann. The project leverages computational modeling […]

Hariri Sponsored Student Led Workshop

Boston University Hosts Student-Led Workshop on Machine Learning and Brain-Behavior Data Sponsored By Hariri Institute Focused Research Program Unlocking Novel Data Science and AI Approaches for Brain Health and Disease On October 2nd 2023, members of the BU Center for Brain Recovery and Cognitive Neuroimaging Laboratory conducted a trainee-led tutorial to unite students and postdocs […]

Spotlight Research: Neural Correlates of Discourse Production in Individuals with Aphasia

Figure a) fNIRS probe design overlayed on template cortex with markers indicating channel data averaged to create an ROI. Figure b) fNIRS probe sensitivity with warmer colors indicating higher sensitivity to cortex Boston University PhD Graduate Dr. Emily J Braun Presents her Thesis: Neural Correlates of Discourse Production in Individuals with Aphasia Dr. Emily J […]

Spotlight Research: Predicting Therapy Outcomes With Machine Learning

BU Researchers Use Machine Learning to Create Personalized Recovery Plans for Individuals with Neurological Disorders Boston University Researchers are working to advance personalized healthcare by developing a personalized prediction algorithm for speech, language, and cognitive recovery in patients with neurological disorders. In a project funded by the Hariri Insitute, Boston University Researchers Swathi Kiran, Alan […]

Spotlight Research: Multiple Demand Study

BU Researchers Study: Functional Reorganization of the Language and Domain-general Multiple Demand Systems in Aphasia Introduction Our recent project on neuroplasticity and neurorecovery of aphasia examines how the brain adapts to recover language abilities in individuals with aphasia. It observes English speakers, whether they have a history of stroke or not, by studying the relationship […]

Spotlight Research: Neuroimaging in the Everyday World

BU Researchers Blend Disciplines to Create Technology for Neuroimaging in the Everyday World. The human brain is a complex system that is incredibly important to study in order to further our understanding of neurological functions, behaviors, and disorders. However, current technology limits our ability to capture data and images of the brain in the everyday […]