Sustainability Commitment

Catering on the Charles considers sustainability in all aspects of our catering services. At the same time, we uphold the highest standard of food and service. Let us make your event as sustainable as it is enjoyable.

Zero-Waste Catering

Catering on the Charles is committed to Boston’s University’s Zero Waste Plan and efforts to achieve 90% waste diversion by 2030. We have already implemented a variety of initiatives to reduce waste:

  • Leanpath in the kitchen to track and manage pre-consumer food waste
  • Diverting pre-consumer food waste in the kitchen to anaerobic digestion
  • China dishes offered as an option as a way to reduce single-use disposables
  • Using compostable or recyclable disposable packaging whenever possible
  • Recovering surplus food for donation when possible

Interested in making your next event a Zero Waste Event? Learn more!

Eating Local

We work with local farmers, fishermen, and food producers. Whenever possible, we source products that are grown, harvested, caught, raised, produced, or processed within 250 miles of campus. By sourcing locally, we are able to support the local food system and local economy and help preserve local farmland.

Dairy Products

We source dairy products from a variety of businesses based in New England, including Hood, Stonyfield, and Cabot – a farmer-owned cooperative and Certified B Corporation. Each of these companies sources milk from small-scale dairy farms in New England and New York, many of which have been in operation for generations. By purchasing locally sourced dairy products we are able to reduce transportation miles while also supporting local agriculture and open space preservation, and local jobs in food processing.


Being in New England, the availability of local produce is largely dependent on the seasons, with the most produce available in the summer and fall. We source produce from a variety of local farms including, but not limited to:

  • Carlson Orchards – Harvard, MA (28 miles from campus)
  • Ward’s Berry Farm – Sharon, MA (18 miles from campus)
  • Dargoonian Farm – Andover, MA (20 miles from campus)
  • JP Sullivan – Farms in New England and Eastern New York

Fish & Seafood

Boston’s coastal location provides the perfect opportunity to source fish and seafood from the Gulf of Maine and other local bodies of water. In addition to sourcing seafood locally, whenever possible, we also ensure that seafood is responsibly harvested. We use certifications and verifications such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch recommendations, Marine Stewardship Council certification, and Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested verification.

Bakery Items

We recognize the community and economic benefits of supporting the local food system and choose to source some products from local producers and manufacturers, even if the raw ingredients were not grown within 250 miles of campus. For instance, we source bread from Calise & Sons Bakery in Lincoln, RI (34 miles from campus), and Fantini Bakery in Haverhill, MA (29 miles from campus).

Being in New England, some foods, especially produce, are only available seasonally.