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So you’ve sent in your GRS application, now what? We hope that you’re feeling proud of the hard work and dedication that you put into your application. This may be a nerve-wracking time as you await to hear from us about your admission decision; however, we encourage you to make the most of this period. Here are nine things to do while waiting to hear back from us:

Stay informed— Keep yourself updated on any communications from us. Check your email regularly and make sure you are aware of any deadlines or additional information that your program may ask of you.

Be patient— The waiting game can be challenging, but it’s an essential part of the admission process. Remember that it takes time for our admissions team to carefully review all applications. We encourage you to stay patient and, once there is an update on your application, you will be notified via email. 

Connect with current students— If you have any questions about your program or being a graduate student at BU, our student ambassadors are just a message away. Connect with current students easily through our online chat platform!

Enhance your skills and knowledge— Use this time to delve deeper into your personal, academic, and professional interests. Enjoy your hobbies, watch documentaries, or take online courses related to your intended field of study. Not only will this help pass the time, but it will also prepare you for the next step in your academic journey. 

Explore housing and living arrangements— If you are going to be a newcomer to Boston, start researching housing options, cost of living, and local amenities. Check out our on-campus graduate housing and off-campus housing guides to learn more. 

Check out our student stories— Curious to know what it’s like to be a GRS student as you potentially picture yourself on our campus? Check out our student stories page for testimonials from current students and alumni about their experiences at BU, life in Boston, and plans after graduation.

Reflect on goals— Take this time to reflect on your personal and professional goals. Consider how your respective BU GRS program aligns with these goals and what you hope to achieve during your graduate studies. 

Volunteer or intern— Engage in volunteer and intern work related to your field of interest. This can add valuable experience to your resume and demonstrate your commitment to this field and your career path goals. 

Relax and focus on self-care— Applying to grad school can be stressful, so it’s important to take care of your mental and emotional well-being. Dedicate some time to self-care activities you enjoy—whether that’s reading, painting, meditating, or spending quality time with loved ones. A refreshed mind will help you make the most of your graduate experience, regardless of the outcome.

The waiting period can be challenging, but using your time wisely can make the experience more constructive. Wishing you all the best as you navigate this waiting period. We look forward to reviewing your application!


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Tamar Ponte

Marketing & Communication Assistant, GRS

Bachelor of Science, Advertising