Take a Look Inside BU’s Newest CDS Building

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Opened in December 2022, the Boston University Center of Computer & Data Sciences—commonly known as “The Jenga Building”—became an iconic presence on the Boston University campus and a hub for collaboration among students and faculty. This building not only houses the data science department but also the computer science department and the mathematical and statistical department. 

CDS is a 19-story building, containing many classrooms, student study areas, and eating joints. It connects a “CDS public square” on the lower floor, with classrooms and labs on the middle floor. Saxby’s, a popular café at BU, is located here on the first floor, allowing students to grab a bite or coffee before they get to their studying. 

On the second floor, CDS houses the Spark! innovation Center. BU Spark! is the experimental learning arm of CDS which provides real projects for students to work on in courses. Spark! also has a branch for students to bring their own ideas and see those to fruition. Along with helping students get real-world experience, Spark! hosts classes on how to go about building software, project management, and building upon what you have created. 

The 14th floor of CDS includes many student lounges and study areas, with a gorgeous view of the Boston skyline. Filled with comfortable couches, this spot is a great place to hang out with friends, work on projects, conduct meetings, and even relax after a long day. In the center of this floor is an array of sitting desks, which allows students to study quietly. Along with study spaces, many offices are located here that host professors, research students, and master’s students. 

Along with being a hub for students connecting, learning, and lounging, CDS is the largest green building in Boston. CDS does not use any fossil fuels in the creation and maintenance of the building, uses solar heat gain, is constructed with little volatile organic compounds, maximizes natural light, and is set three feet higher than the elevation of the Charles River Dam. These efforts make the BU’s Data Science building the University’s most sustainable and energy-efficient building to date.

Check out our campus tour video that highlights these key areas from Abhishek Malakar, a current MS in Computer Science student. 

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