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Name: Greeshma Yaluru (she/her/hers) 

What is your hometown? Hyderabad, India

Program at BU?  MS in Computer Science with a specialization in Data-Centric Computing

Please briefly introduce yourself, what’s your background, where are you from, why are you studying at BU GRS?

After completing my undergraduate computer science degree at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology, I briefly worked as an IT consultant for Amazon. Then, I decided to pursue a master’s degree to gain a solid foundation in statistics and machine learning. I was pleased with the curriculum at BU, which offered an MS in computer science with the specialty I desired.

Why did you choose to come to BU for your graduate degree?

The faculty at BU are well acclaimed, and the student body is vibrant. You have the chance to gain sufficient exposure in a variety of professions thanks to the breadth of programs offered at BU. BU was appealing to me because of the interdisciplinary offerings, which catered to my multifaceted interests. Additionally, BU provides excellent opportunities for research and ample job opportunities. For instance, I could attend a project pitch in the Build Lab before attending my salsa class– it is that convenient to explore multiple interests. 

What are your favorite spots on the BU Campus?

I enjoy spending time with my friends and hanging out at the GSU, Noodle Street, and the Charles River view is spectacular. I also particularly like the CDS building because it is so spacious and quiet to study.

What is your favorite part about attending BU and studying in the US?

My favorite aspect of attending BU is getting to know new people and establishing relationships. I also love BU’s excellent cognitive facilities and research labs. There is also ample room to develop new skills in areas such as art, sports, and information. I also enjoy the exposure to many ethnic and cultural groups.

How is life in Boston?

Boston is a vibrant and old-world city with a bustling arts and culture scene, prestigious universities, and top-tier sports teams. The city has an extensive culinary scene and is known for its seafood. Nonetheless, the cost of living is high and the Boston traffic can be problematic sometimes.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?

I aspire to become a data scientist after graduation. Additionally, I am interested in starting my own business in the field, which would require me to have strong business acumen with a statistics and machine learning background. BU provides a supportive environment to achieve all this.