Aditya Pal

Hometown: New Delhi, India

Program: MS in Computer Science

Please briefly introduce yourself, what’s your background, where are you from? What are you studying at BU GRS?

Hi, I am Aditya. I am from New Delhi, India. After completing my undergraduate in computer science, I worked at Ford Motor Company for a little over a year. I was a software engineer at Ford’s Global Technology & Business Center in Chennai, India. Currently, I am pursuing my master’s in computer science at Boston University GRS.

Why did you choose to come to BU for your graduate degree?

Boston University has the perfect course structure for computer science, combined with amazing faculty and research opportunities. The open city campus makes it very lively compared to a conventional campus. BU also has lawns and plenty of open areas to give it a traditional campus feel, offering you the best of both worlds. The city is great with infinite professional opportunities. To top it all off, BU has a great reputation and solid rankings. It was very clear to me why it is so competitive to get into BU and once I received admission, I made my decision to come to BU.

What are your favorite spots on the BU campus?

There are so many spots that come to mind. The BU FitRec (Fitness and Recreation Center) is one place where you can find me after a long day of coursework. It has everything I need to recharge myself, from resistance training to squash courts and a swimming pool. The BU Beach is another spectacular area. Looking over at the Charles River always takes my breath away, be it any season. The BUild Lab is also a place I often go to work on group projects and study sessions.

What is your favorite part about attending BU and studying in the USA?

My favorite part has to be how welcoming everyone at BU is- the professors, seniors, or the BU staff. Office hour is a concept that was not too familiar to me coming from India. I’d recommend anyone to make the best use of it as interacting with professors has had a profound impact on my education trajectory.

How is life in Boston?

Boston is undoubtedly one of the best cities I’ve been to. Public transportation is very convenient for BU students to travel anywhere in town and there are four stops right on our urban campus. I don’t think I will ever get bored of the city. Not only does it offer the energetic city experience with areas like Seaport, Downtown, and Fenway Park, but it also has parks, reservoirs, and the Charles River for peaceful runs and getaways from the city buzz. The cosmopolitan environment of Boston with students from all over the globe truly makes it the world’s capital for learning.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?

There are numerous things on my bucket list after I graduate. I want to explore more of America and its work culture. After majoring in computer science, I am truly keen to work in Silicon Valley as that has always been my dream. I am also inclined to return to India after some invaluable experience and make meaningful contributions in tech over there. I hope to keep my curiosity and drive to learn new things alive. Coming to Boston University has been nothing short of life-changing for me and I hope that someday I can give back to the university and make meaningful contributions to the community.