What are the main functions of Student Academic Life?

Student Academic Life in the College of Arts and Sciences provides advising and support for CAS students and oversees the academic policies and procedures that support the mission of the College. Student Academic Life also provides support for faculty and staff in their roles as advisors and instructors.

Why might a faculty or staff member contact Student Academic Life?

  • I am concerned about one of my advisees. Who should I speak with?
  • How can I substitute a course for a student’s graduation requirements?
  • What is the procedure when I suspect a student of academic misconduct?
  • How can my department play a role in Open Houses?
  • What do our graduates need to do when they apply to medical or law school?
  • Can you help the department start a peer education program?
  • What does this student need to graduate?
  • How does FERPA apply to our work as advisors?
  • How can we provide more career counseling for our graduates?
  • What can we do to create more of a sense of community within our major?

How is Student Academic Life organized?

Student Academic Life consists of three units:

CAS Academic Advising

  • Provides advising for CAS students who are undecided about a major
  • Supports advising in academic departments
  • Maintains CAS academic policies and procedures (i.e., dual degree, directed study)
  • Works directly with students in academic difficulty
  • Oversees Academic Standards and Academic Conduct Code
  • Collects all information related to undergraduates in the College
  • Maintains forms, advising notes and other related materials
  • Monitors academic progress
  • Provides graduation advising for CAS students in their final year of degree completion
  • Certifies students for graduation

Pre-Professional Advising Office

  • Provides advising for students interested in pre-medicine, pre-dental medicine, pre-veterinary medicine and other pre-health professions
  • Provides advising for students planning to attend law school

The Office of Student Programs and Leadership

  • Develops programs and activities (i.e., First Year Experience program) that build community within the college and academic departments
  • Provides programming for first year students to aid in the transition to BU
  • Oversees peer education/involvement programs in the college
  • Assists with the promotion of the College through Open Houses and assists with the coordination of commencement

Student Academic Life

100 Bay State Road, 4th Floor

Steve Jarvi, Associate Dean for Student Academic Life

(617) 353-2400