Call the Facilities Emergency Line at 3-2105 for:

  • Floods or leaks (if requiring immediate attention)
  • Heating and cooling problems (if requiring immediate attention, e.g. insufficient heating or cooling, strange noises or odors from vents)
  • Broken locks, windows, or doors (if it presents an immediate security issue)
  • Toilet clogged
  • Power outage

Contact your Area Manager for:

  • Minor leaks or drips (if it can wait a few hours)
  • Heating and cooling problems (if it is not urgent, e.g. maintenance of valves)
  • Broken locks, windows, doors (if it is not endangering persons or property)
  • Lightbulbs, paper towels, toilet paper
  • Missing or broken classroom furniture such as chairs, desks, tables, or podiums

Contact Custodial Services at 3-2109 for:

  • Non-hazardous spills, such as coffee in the hallway
  • Gaining access to rooms and offices
  • Requesting chalk for classrooms

Put in an FSRS request for:

  • Moving or removing large items
  • Getting new keys or changing locks
  • Setup for on-campus events
  • Routine upkeep or repairs
  • Any other requests paid for by the department

Contact the Classroom hotline at 3-3227 or for:

  • Problems with classroom electronics such as a computer or overhead projector
  • Any other classroom issue that is not a facilities emergency (see above)


  • If you have trouble resolving an issue through these channels, contact Lisa Doherty (; 8-2386) in the CAS Business Office.