StanSclaroff profile shotWelcome to both new and returning faculty and students. On August 1, I began service as the interim dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.  I’m excited for the start of my first semester as interim dean, and I feel optimistic about—and energized by—the opportunities ahead of us this coming year.  I look forward to maintaining our collective momentum in advancing the goals of the College over the next year.

I want to thank Dean Cudd for her thoughtful and bold leadership the past three years. She led CAS forward with a clarity of purpose—crafting experiential education opportunities for undergraduates, breaking fundraising records, bolstering need-based scholarships, championing diversity and inclusion, ushering in new facilities, and strengthening key areas of research and learning. She will be greatly missed, and I congratulate her on her new role as Provost of the University of Pittsburgh.  The search for the next dean of CAS will start soon, as announced by Provost Morrison and outlined in the Faculty Handbook.

The Dean’s Corner on our website provides a forum for postings from the CAS Dean on important issues and current topics. I’d expect my postings to this corner will be less frequent than the previous dean’s, but I very much look forward to sharing my thoughts here over the upcoming school year.  In the meantime, I invite you to read the archive of past postings in the Dean’s Corner.

Stan Sclaroff
Interim Dean of Arts & Sciences
Boston University