Appointment of Deans

Whenever it becomes necessary to appoint a dean, the University Provost will constitute an advisory committee to assist in locating candidates qualified to fill the vacancy. The advisory committee shall consist of three faculty members elected by the faculty of the School for which a dean is to be selected, two faculty members elected by the Faculty Council from other Schools, and as many as three members designated by the provost. After consultation with the appropriate student groups, the provost may appoint up to two students to the advisory committee. The provost will appoint a chair from among the members of the committee. If the required dean is for the Schools of Medicine, Public Health, or Dental Medicine, the Medical Campus Provost will select the particular members designated above.

The advisory committee shall solicit nominations from all constituencies of the University as well as from appropriate sources outside the University, observing appropriate affirmative action procedures. The advisory committee should consult regularly with the provost. The faculty of the School involved will be given the opportunity to express their views to the advisory committee. At the completion of its work, the advisory committee will submit the names of the qualified candidates and shall make one or more recommendations to the provost for final selection by the president and approval by the Board of Trustees.

In the event of a temporary absence or vacancy in a deanship, the President, after consultation with the faculty of the School or College, as well as the appropriate provost, may appoint an acting dean or dean ad interim as appropriate.

Adopted April 18, 2007, by the University Council.