Computer Science Career Outlook

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In a technology-focused world, the computer industry is expected to expand as technology upgrades and innovations are needed. With this, a computer science degree is the perfect way to ensure success in your future career. 

As a broad field, receiving a degree in computer science can allow you to pursue a vast variety of jobs and give you immense opportunities. Some professions you can pursue include computer systems analyst, computer programmer, computer engineer, computer support specialist, data scientist, and software engineer. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the employment of computer scientists is projected to grow 23% from 2022 to 2032, much faster than the average of all occupations. Each year, there are about 3,400 job openings for computer scientists projected, on average. 

Getting a degree with a specialization—such as our MS in CS with a specialization in cyber security or data-centric computing—can allow you to pursue more specific, yet still growing, career fields. A degree in Artificial Intelligence is also beneficial, becoming an emerging subfield within computer science as AI specialists are increasingly becoming important for technology jobs. Some of the professions you can pursue with this degree include machine learning engineer, natural language processing (NLP) engineer, business intelligence developer, deep learning engineer, and AI research scientist. 

In the heart of Boston, a booming hub of technology and startups, Boston University is the ideal site to pursue your MS in CS. The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences supports its students and paves the way to exciting internships and careers at notable tech companies. These companies include Akamai, Amazon Robotics, Cisco, Dell EMC, Liberty Mutual, GE Appliances, Google, Hubspot, iRobot, Microsoft, Trip Advisor, and Wayfair. 

The BU Center for Career Development allows students to receive support in all aspects of job searching and applying. With dedicated career fairs, students in BU’s Computer Science programs can receive proper preparation to succeed in a broad range of internship opportunities and future careers. Some of the CS department’s career fairs include the STEM Career Fair, which allows students to connect, network, and gain valuable insight from employers as well as learn about current internship and full-time role openings. 

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