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The Dean Elsbeth Melville Latin Prize

Commemorates Dean Melville’s lifelong commitment to the study of Latin and the Classics. The Classical Studies Department nominates one student to receive this award in her memory.

Kit Houng Li, Classical Studies

The John Oddy Memorial Awards

Given to junior or senior women who have taken a class at BU in Classical History. It was endowed by a large group of alumni from the School of Practical Arts, many of whom were inspired by Professor John Oddy, in recognition of his teaching and mentorship.

Vivian Dai, Classical Studies

Mairead Downes, Classical Studies and History

Aarohi Goel, Classical Studies

Anna Rafferty, English and American Studies

Emma Rits, Biology and Mathematics

The Alice M. Brennan Humanities Awards

Support undergraduates and graduate students in the humanities. Miss Brennan, a humanities graduate of the College of Liberal Arts (1917), and the Graduate School (1930), bequeathed a portion of her estate to BU for awards given annually to humanities students in her name.

Nathaniel Ceus, Philosphy

Christopher James Cole Ellars, World Languages & Literatures

Lauren Elizabeth Gotard, History

John Griffin, Classical Studies

Virginia Jansen, Musicology and Ethnomusicology

Elizabeth Kostina, History of Art & Architecture

Kathryn Lakin, English

Eitan Marshall-Pinko, History

Aliyah Rustam Mulla, Philosophy

Elle Nicoletti, History

Erin Margaret Regan, History of Art & Architecture

Simone Seiner, History

Sydney Villegas, English

Shaylon M Walker, Religion

The Edwin S. and Ruth M. White Prizes

Supports humanities majors. Ruth Malone White, College of Liberal Arts 1921, endowed this award.

Max Bearinger, English

Demian Choi, Religion

Emily Yoder, World Languages & Literatures

The Robert E. Yellin Awards

Recognize undergraduates for outstanding achievement and interest in the humanities. Mr. Yellin, together with his wife, was an entrepreneur of a manufacturing and marketing business in southern California. He graduated from the College of Liberal Arts in 1961.

Hallie Baker, Archaeology

Sophia Fruehauf, Archaeology

Avery Scott, English


The Helen G. Allen Humanities Awards

Designated for students of the humanities in the College of Arts & Sciences and the Graduate School. Helen Green Allen received her degree from the College of Liberal Arts in 1920. She was a loyal alumna and endowed this fund in her will.

Shannon Bewley, History of Art & Architecture

Sara Boston, Religion

Perri Meldon, American and New England Studies

Micah Trautmann, Philosophy

The Clarimond Mansfield Awards

Recognize outstanding students of the humanities in the College of Arts & Sciences and the Graduate School. Miss Mansfield was one of the earliest students of the College of Liberal Arts. She received her A.B. degree in 1879 and her M.A. in Philosophical Studies in 1880. She left money to BU in her will to encourage students in future generations.

Margaret Boyd, English

Alicia Matz, Classical Studies

Holly Wiegand, English

The Edwin S. and Ruth M. White Prizes

Supports humanities majors. Ruth Malone White, College of Liberal Arts 1921, endowed this award.

Federica Bocchi, Philosophy

Maya Chakravorty, Classical Studies

Sybil F. Joslyn, History of Art & Architecture

Emily Palombella, American & New England Studies

Courteney Elizabeth Smith, History
The Angela J. and James J. Rallis Memorial Awards

Established by John J. Rallis (SMG 1941 and MBA 1954) in honor of his parents. John Rallis was very active in the humanities and arts during his time at BU and has endowed several funds for the promotion of the humanities and arts at BU. This award supports undergraduate and graduate students interested in the humanities.

All Graduate Student Award recipients also receive The Angela J. and James J. Rallis Memorial Award.


Max Chapnick, English

David W. Granston III, History of Art & Architecture

Marie Le Blevennec, Philosophy

Katherine Mitchell, History of Art & Architecture


Saskia den Boon, English, Beacon Press

Alexandra Mascarello, Philosophy, Brattle Film Foundation

Emma Sophia Obregon Dominguez, History, The Boston Globe

Emma Grier Shearburn, History of Art & Architecture, BU SPH Communications


Summer 2023 Interns

Caryne Nicholas, History, Boston Athenæum

Toni Armstrong, History of Art & Architecture, Boston Symphony Orchestra

Catherine Lennartz, History of Art & Architecture, Institute of Contemporary Art

Anne Boyd, American & New England Studies, Massachusetts Historical Society

Henry Tonks, History, New England Historic Genealogical Society

Hannah Jew, History of Art & Architecture, Peabody Essex Museum


Henderson Senior Research Fellows:

Deborah Burton, Music Theory

Daniel Erker, Linguistics

Herbert Golder, Classical Studies

Leah Kronenberg, Classical Studies

Brendan McConville, History

Anthony Petro, Religion

Michael Prince, English

Michael Zank, Religion

Junior Faculty Fellows:

Victor Kumar, Philosophy

Anita Savo, Romance Studies