Our vision for the future of Arts & Sciences is defined by our cutting-edge research and teaching that anticipates and addresses the world’s challenges. Excellent disciplinary strengths serve as the essential foundation for interdisciplinary collaboration. Nimble organizational structure catalyzes and advances interconnection, as well as productive partnerships with the University’s professional schools. Graduates are prepared to create and adapt, to be thoughtful leaders, thinkers, and doers able to envision a better future and poised to make it happen, using their liberal arts and sciences educations. 

We strive to be a community of exceptional students, faculty, staff, and alumni that is thriving, equitable, and inclusive—a community where everyone is able to excel and do their best work, learn, grow, participate in shaping Arts & Sciences, and make their best impact. Our impact collectively is in the new discoveries, creations, knowledge, and understandings we achieve and in connecting these achievements with our wider community in Boston and globally. We are committed to and actively engaged in advancing the discussion of new knowledge and understanding of facts, both inside and outside academia, through structures and programs that translate our research, ideas, expertise, and student-power through public engagement and public partnerships. Moreover, we strive for thoughtful and culturally informed collaborative partnerships in research and education that are truly reciprocal with the communities we engage, giving back in partnership and to mutual benefit.

Next Up

Strategic Priorities

To reach this destination, we will align our five strategic priorities with the five strategic priorities outlined in Boston University’s 2030 Strategic Plan.