To reach this destination, we will:

  1. Enhance disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborations and connections in research and education within Arts & Sciences and across BU.
  2. Cultivate and advance a diverse and inclusive community capable of recognizing, analyzing, and responding to exclusion and injustice with equitable solutions.
  3. Foster, harness, and apply the power of innovation, creativity, and imagination across our research and teaching endeavors.
  4. Leverage the power of a liberal arts and sciences undergraduate and graduate education by taking knowledge, ideas, and experience into action. 
  5. Build bridges with Boston and the world outside the academy through communication, public scholarship, alumni networks, collaboration, and outreach.

These strategic priorities align with the five strategic priorities outlined in Boston University’s 2030 Strategic Plan: 1. A vibrant academic experience; 2. Research that matters; 3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; 4. Community, big yet small; and, 5. Global engagement. It is also important to note that Arts & Sciences remains firmly committed to ensuring all students have access to our education, regardless of financial need.

Next Up

Strategic Initiatives

Our strategic planning effort has identified a number of important recommendations for us to advance all five of our strategic priorities.