Our strategic planning effort has identified a number of important recommendations for us to advance all five strategic priorities above. These recommendations come from the faculty Task Forces and faculty/staff working groups, whose ideas inform our plan. Additional detail about all of the initiatives recommended by the Task Forces and working groups can be found in the Appendix. Outlined below are seven initial initiatives, several of which incorporate multiple recommendations from the Task Forces; further initiatives will continue to be developed. We plan to launch these initial initiatives now in order to aggressively pursue our work in advancing our five strategic priorities. Each of these initiatives links with and advances all five strategic priorities.

In addition to these initiatives, Arts & Sciences has a pivotal role in many of the initiatives outlined in the University-wide 2030 Strategic Plan. For example, major University initiatives like the Center for Antiracist Research, the Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences, the Initiative on Cities, and the Sustainability Initiative are led by Arts & Sciences faculty. Arts & Sciences is an essential leader in undergraduate education, including the BU Hub, as well as a key partner for the University Libraries and the home for humanities at BU.

The BU Bus on March 29, 2023.

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Interdisciplinary Themes

By thinking holistically about research and education, disciplines and interdisciplinarity, it is possible to spark novel insights, discover innovative breakthroughs, and imagine new solutions to pressing issues.