The CAS Community Values & Resources Team (CVRT) is a resource for students, staff, and faculty who aspire to be in community with each other in CAS-related environments including academic departments, administrative offices, co-curricular activities, and social events.

The Team engages the community in multiple ways including the following:

  • Advising departments and offices on effective ways to develop shared values and expectations
  • Educating the community on ways to recognize and interrupt bias
  • Offering informal, restorative resolutions to conflicts.

The Team has an educational focus that embraces the College’s belief that “diversity of thought and background furthers our mission to serve the public good through education, research, and discovery” and how this is most fully realized in “a diverse, collaborative environment.”

Creating an environment where all who engage in our community experience a sense of full participation requires ongoing education about ways to engage meaningfully across differences. Similarly, it requires an accessible way for community members to share their concerns when they are experiencing bias and conflict and seeking a resolution.

To file a report use the following link: EOO incident reporting form

The Equal Opportunity Office (EOO) reviews all incidents filed initially and determines the appropriate response path. If EOO refers the incident to CAS CVRT a designated team member will coordinate follow-up with filers and respondents to gather relevant information.

CAS CVRT is a consulting resource and is not a punitive or disciplinary body. All filers and respondents are welcome to correspond voluntarily but are not required to do so.

If you are considering filing an incident report but are unsure you are welcome to consult with the Team members listed below for general advice and support.

Alyssa Baker (she/her), Director of Graduate Affairs, GRS

Kerry Buglio (she/her), Assistant Dean, CAS Advising & Academic Services

Danielle Kane (she/her), Deputy Title IX and DEI Coordinator, CAS Diversity & Inclusion

Vincent L. Stephens (he/him), Associate Dean, CAS Diversity & Inclusion

Resources for Further Education and Skill-Building

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)