Beginning the BU Marine Program my junior year at Boston University was truly a life changing experience. Participating in the program is like being in your own little world separate from the rest of the BU community; you become really close with your classmates by being thrown into both mentally and often times physically demanding situations. I learned how to develop viable and intriguing research questions and subsequently how to carry them out in the field or lab. I have some great memories that range from throwing chum into the ocean to conduct a seabird census, to watching dolphins jump through bioluminescing plankton as I stood bow watch on the boat in the Caribbean.

I attended Fordham University in NYC and am pursuing a Masters in Ecology and graduated in 2013. I worked in a lab that studies little fresh water fish called darters, and I led a field expedition in Tennessee that aimed to understand the impact urbanization is having on the species composition of these fish.