BU Marine Program was the highlight of my undergraduate career. Perhaps that’s why I did the Marine Semester three times. (Editor’s note: Now known as “Pulling a Stetson”) My research with Phil Lobel and the Cobra-Tac as a tool for mapping coral  rugosity took me back to Belize twice and ended with an oral presentation and a proceedings paper with the International Coral Reef Symposium in Florida. After the BU Marine Program, I did a Masters in Oceanography with Dr. Andy Pershing at the University of Maine School of Marine Sciences and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI). My research at GMRI turned into a project where I worked as Scientist in Residence at the Melimoyu Ecosystem Research Institute in Chilean Patagonia. I have since gone back to school for a Masters in Engineering with the Ocean Engineering Group at the University of Texas at Austin. In July ’13 I’ll start working offshore with Schlumberger in the Gulf of Mexico.