Program Manager

Julia Hammer Mendez works with the BU Marine Program community to facilitate the logistics of all marine science classes and the marine science major at BU. Julia knows that organizing behind the scenes not only facilitates learning but creates opportunities for scientific discovery. Julia has worked to streamline processes related to academic advising, scheduling, procurement, and more. She has helped to increase the size of the program – both the number of majors and the number of students taking marine science classes. Julia holds a B.A. in Environmental Science and an M.Ed. in Science Education, both from Boston University.

Julia cares deeply about science education, the ocean, and a well-organized spreadsheet. Julia’s passion for the ocean began while running around the Bay Area coastline as a toddler. Since then she’s worked at the New England Aquarium, aboard the tall ship Spirit of South Carolina, and on an island in the Bay of Fundy. When Julia isn’t working to make the Marine Program as good as it can be, she can usually be found gardening, cooking up a storm, or looking at tidepools.