BU Marine ProgramĀ gave me my first start doing real research and I have a lot of fond memories of my two semesters with the programĀ at the MBL.

After leaving BU, I earned a Masters degree at the University of British Columbia. For my degree I studied subtidal invertebrate and algal communities in the Strait of Georgia. After that I spent an additional few years at the Bamfield Marine Station, developing methods for assessing the total biomass of giant kelp in coastal BC. I later transitioned into the field of molecular evolutionary biology and earned a Ph. D. at Simon Fraser University in 1990. After pursuing post-doctoral research at the University of Chicago and NIH, I moved to Madison, Wisconsin to join a software company called The Genetics Computer Group (GCG). Apart from an eight year stint working as a scientist at the University of Wisconsin, where I managed a high-throughput bioinformatics facility, I have remained working in the private sector.

I am currently a Senior Scientist with a bioinformatics software company called DNASTAR, located in Madison, WI.