Diana Chin, 2008


Because the BU Marine Program was transitioning into the Marine Science major around 2007, my classmates and I were the last students to major in Biology with Specialization in Marine Science. Although I imagine our experiences were slightly different than those of other classes, the two semesters I spent in the BU Marine Program were two of the best. The program strengthened my abilities to problem-solve and to quickly find information that I need, which conferred on me some major advantages when I began to search for a job.

After graduation, I spent several months as a technician in Jelle’s laboratory and took a part-time position with Inspirica, which is a private one-on-one tutoring and test-preparation firm. At the same time, I decided I wanted to see what else I could do with a science background and ended up at AMEC, an international consulting firm, as a human health and ecological risk assessor. Within a year, my technical supervisors switched companies and brought me with them to ARCADIS, another large international consulting firm.

UPDATE (fall 2013): Diana is now a PhD student at Stony Brook University, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences