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I am a marine scientist with a focus on estuarine and coastal biogeochemistry and water quality. My research is interdisciplinary and combines elements of marine optics, remote sensing, organic geochemistry and photochemistry to promote a better quantitative understanding of various types of interactions between terrestrial and marine environments and their perturbations by climate change and human activities. It typically involves a combination of field work, laboratory-based analyses and experiments, remote sensing data and image analysis, and modeling.

Research topics of particular interest include:

  • Environmental and biogeochemical change in the Arctic Ocean
  • Climate- and human-driven changes in estuarine/coastal biogeochemistry and water quality
  • Remote sensing of aquatic biogeochemical properties and water quality
  • Impacts of UV radiation and photochemical processes on biogeochemical cycles
  • Fate of land-derived carbon in the ocean and impacts on marine biogeochemistry
  • Fate of contaminants in aquatic environments