For students declaring in or after Fall 2018

Core Introductory Courses

  • Oceanography (EE144), including discussion/lab section for Marine Science majors.
  • Marine Biology (BI260)


  • Biology 1 (BI107)
  • Biology 2 (BI108)


  • CH101 and CH102 (for science majors and premedical students, recommended track for Marine Science majors)
  • OR CH109 and CH110 (for biochemistry and molecular biology majors)
  • OR CH111 and CH112 (for chemistry majors and well-prepared science and pre-medical students)
  • OR CH171 and CH172 (this is a terminal sequence)
  • OR CH171 and CH174 (this sequence allows students to also take CH273).

Math and Statistics

  • Calculus I (MA123 or MA121)
  • Basic Statistics and Probability (MA213) OR MA 115.
  • Choose one:
    • Second semester of Calculus (MA124 or MA122)
    • OR second semester of Statistics (MA214 or MA116)
    • OR computer science (CS 105, CS 108, or CS 111)


  • General Physics (PY211) OR PY 105.

Marine Breadth Requirement. Three courses chosen from the following options:

It is recommended that you take a variety of courses to cover the breadth of Marine Science: Biological Oceanography (BO), Marine Biology (MB), Physical Oceanography (PO), Chemical Oceanography (CO), Marine Geology & Geophysics (MG), and Marine Spatial Dynamics (MSD).


  • EE 310: Climate and the Environment (PO)
  • EE 505: Geographic Information Systems (MSD)


  • BI 303: Evolutionary Ecology (MB)
  • BI 509: Metapopulation Ecology (BO, MB)**
  • BI 519: Theoretical Evolution Ecology (BO, MB)**
  • BI 550: Marine Genomics (MB)
  • BI 500: Biology of Sharks (MB)
  • BI 586: Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics (BO, MB)**
  • EE 142: Introduction to Beaches and Shoreline Processes
  • EE 351: Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography (PO, MG)
  • EE 422: Aquatic Optics and Remote Sensing (CO, MSD)
  • EE 423: Marine Biogeochemistry (BO, CO)
  • EE 507: Dynamical Oceanography (PO)**
  • EE 533: Quantitative Geomorphology (MG)
  • EE 576: Aquatic Geochemistry (CO)
  • **Offered in alternate years

Participation in the Marine Semester. For detailed information, click here.

CAS Requirements

  • Completion through the fourth semester of a foreign language
  • WR 120 and WR 150

University Requirements

Credit Requirements

  • Students are required to complete 128 credits total in order to graduate.