Volume 97, Number 3 – May 2017

Symposium – The Fiftieth Anniversary of Miranda v. Arizona


Opening Keynote Address

Still Handcuffing the Cops? A Review of Fifty Years of Empirical Evidence of Miranda’s Harmful Effects on Law Enforcement
Paul G. Cassell & Richard Fowles
Page 685


Miranda’s Fourfold Future
Albert W. Alschuler
Page 849

Miranda for the Next Fifty Years: Why the Fifth Amendment Should Go Fourth
Donald A. Dripps
Page 893

The Miranda App: Metaphor and Machine
Andrew Guthrie Ferguson & Richard A. Leo
Page 935

Transparency and Truth During Custodial Interrogations and Beyond
Susan R. Klein
Page 993

The Prophylactic Fifth Amendment
Tracey Maclin
Page 1047

Disentangling Miranda and Massiah: How to Revive the Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel as a Tool for Regulating Confession Law
Eve Brensike Primus
Page 1085

Resurrecting Miranda’s Right to Counsel
David Rossman
Page 1129

Manipulation of Suspects and Unrecorded Questioning: After Fifty Years of Miranda Jurisprudence, Still Two (or Maybe Three) Burning Issues
Christopher Slobogin
Page 1157

Two Cheers for Miranda
Carol S. Steiker
Page 1197

Miranda’s Spider Web
George C. Thomas III
Page 1215

Exporting and Importing Miranda
Charles D. Weisselberg
Page 1235

Closing Keynote Address

The Miranda Case Fifty Years Later
Yale Kamisar
Page 1293