Category: Lab Updates

Our SWIR SFDI paper made the cover of JBO!

Anahita Pilvar, Jorge Plutzky, Mark C. Pierce, Darren Roblyer, “Shortwave infrared spatial frequency domain imaging for non-invasive measurement of tissue and blood optical properties”, Journal of Biomedical Optics, 27(6), 066003 (2022), link

Our wearable breast cancer probe published in JBO

Ph.D. student Sam Spink was the first author in our new paper which describes the design and performance of a new highly flexible wearable probe that uses near infrared light to probe breast tissue. Sam and the research team explored how paced (slow) breathing can be used to quantify the hemodynamic state of breast tissue, […]

Raeef Istfan Successfully Defends his Ph.D.

Long time BOTLab member (Raeef was the first employee of the BOTlab in 2012 before becoming a Ph.D. student) successfully defended his Ph.D. His thesis is entitled: “FREQUENCY-DOMAIN DIFFUSE OPTICAL SPECTROSCOPY FOR CARDIOVASCULAR AND RESPIRATORY APPLICATIONS” Congratulations Raeef!!

Our study on optical scattering for chemo monitoring is published in Neoplasia

In this work we used SFDI to monitor optical scattering in prostate and breast animal tumor models. We found that the reduced scattering coefficient was strongly correlated with apoptosis, and the scattering power was strongly correlated with proliferation. This helped us track treatment response to cyclophosphamide and the antiangiogenic DC101. This work helps establish optical […]

Senior Design team wins Outstanding Senior Design Award

Our 2019/2020 Senior Design team has won the: Outstanding Senior Design Projects in Biomedical Engineering Award for their project: “Wearable SWIR Optical Probe for Measuring Lipid and Water Composition of Peripheral Edema” Scott Gaines (BME) Minha Lee (BME) Sarah Nemsick (BME) Congratulations to Scott, Minha, and Sarah, as well as their BOTLab mentors Anahita Pilvar, […]