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Welcome to the Biomedical Optical Technologies Lab (BOTLab).

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  • Ph.D. students Fei Teng, Kavon Karrobi, and Syeda Tabassum in the BOTLab

  • Flexible wearable probe for breast cancer treatment monitoring.

  • Label-free nonlinear microscopy: A tumor spheroid composed of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells showing collagen (green) and the metabolic cofactor NADH (red).

  • digital frequency domain diffuse optical spectroscopy (FD-DOS) device for monitoring patients at the bedside.

  • Spatial frequency domain imaging (SFDI) provides quantitative information about tissue metabolism and molecular composition.

  • Optical measurements in the BOTLab.

  • Frequency domain diffuse optical spectroscopy scan of the leg revealing tissue lipid concentration.

  • Multiscale imaging of mammary tumors using SFDI and multiphoton microscopy.

We develop new optical technologies to study human disease.
Principal Investigator: Darren Roblyer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Boston University