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Not long after Josh Hochschuler graduated from BU, he moved to Argentina and fell in love—with the culture, the food and wine, rich with Italian influences, and especially with the gelato. It wasn’t just the inventive flavors and the smooth, creamy texture. He was also enamored with the central role that Buenos Aires gelaterías played in city life: they were hubs where people gathered to eat, drink coffee, and socialize.

Years later, Hochschuler (Questrom’95) turned that passion into Talenti, a gelato company that was snapped up by Unilever in 2014 and today has annual sales of $250 million. Walk through your local grocery store’s ice cream aisle, and you’ll likely notice the distinctive clear plastic pints showcasing an assortment of flavors, from creamy swirled Caramel Cookie Crunch gelato to tart and bold Roman Raspberry sorbet. Now, Hochschuler has launched a new company— Solero, a line of frozen fruit bars—and the product has been rolling out in stores around the country.

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