Research is central to the BMB Program. Participation in the research process provides BMB students with valuable skills and experiences that support success in their academics, as well as in their graduate program or career pursuits.

During the 2018/2019 academic year, approximately 20% of BMB students participated in the BMB Program’s research for credit option or were funded to do research through UROP. Additionally, several of our students participate in research at institutions across the United States and beyond as part of internship programs, or summer research opportunities. Our goal with this fund is to extend the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research to as many students as possible.

We have also seen that some students who participate in research as undergraduates, are also attending conferences or meetings where they present on their research. We would also like to increase the number of students involved in these kinds of opportunities as well, as they provide the chance for valuable networking and the experience of presenting and discussing scientific research with peers in the field.

100% of donations received will support the following initiatives:

  • Summer undergraduate research opportunities
  • Travel funds for students to present at research conferences nationally

Thank you for supporting the BMB Program!