The MA in Biotechnology requires satisfaction of all the requirements for the BA degree in BMB plus the following six courses:

  • CAS BB 522, Molecular Biology Lab
  • CAS BI 311, Microbiology
  • CAS BI 513, Genetics Lab
  • CAS BI 553, Molecular Biology II
  • CAS BB 591 & CAS BB 592, Graduate Research in BMB

Note: At least eight courses must be completed at the graduate level (500 level or higher) with a grade of B- or better.

In all, students in the BA/MA program must complete 38 courses (152 credits) for graduation.

BA/MA Bulletin page (dual degree requirements)

BA/MA advising worksheet

CAS BB 591 & CAS BB 592 – Graduate Research in BMB

In addition to 15 hours of laboratory research per week, completion of BB 591/592 requires a written research proposal (10-15 pages) that will be submitted during the second week of the second semester of BB 591/592. The research proposal should be prepared in consultation with the primary research advisor and will consist of:

  1. A scholarly introduction covering the background and significance of the research being proposed
  2. Specific research aims including preliminary data and proposed experiments for the second semester of research
  3. References

In addition, students are expected to present a 15-minute seminar on their research at the BMB Research Symposium held at the end of the spring semester. The written report must be submitted to and approved by the BMB Director, who, in consultation with the research advisor, will give the final grade for the second semester of BB 591/592.


Students in the BA/MA program only need to submit an Intent to Graduate form to the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) in accordance with their deadlines. GRS no longer requires BA/MA or BA/MS students to submit a second Intent to Graduate form to the GRS office.

CAS Graduation Application