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BMB Research at BU

Research is central to the BMB program, and students may conduct research on a volunteer basis, for academic credit, or for pay. Students are strongly encouraged to get involved in research with BMB faculty members. Each year, approximately 100 BMB, Biology, and Chemistry students participate in research in BMB faculty laboratories. Alternatively, students can conduct research in an outside lab so long as they have a BMB faculty sponsor.

For more information, contact the Assistant Director of the BMB Program, Dr. Tolan.

Please note: If you will be conducting research in a lab at BU, you are required to have signed BU’s Intellectual Property Policy. If you will be working with human subjects, CITI training and IRB approval are required beforehand. If you will be conducting research with vertebrate animals IACUC training and approval is required beforehand.

Undergraduate Research in Biology and Honors Research in Biology were recently restructured following inclusion in the BU Hub. For a summary of changes, please see this document.


Opportunities for BMB Students

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Ben Bradbury-Koster

Undergraduate Program Specialist

Dean Tolan

Professor of Biology & Program Assistant Director