BA/MA in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Eligible BMB majors may apply during their junior year for a combined program leading to both an undergraduate degree in BMB and a master’s degree in Biotechnology. Students typically complete the combined BA/MA in five years and are well prepared for working in the biomedical research fields.

This program requires six advanced-level courses (listed below) in addition to requirements for the BA and includes two semesters of graduate-level independent research and submission of a research paper (BB 591/592).

It is highly recommended that students who are considering this BA/MA program start getting involved in undergraduate research as early as possible in their undergraduate years, e.g., as a junior.

For a more detailed listing of courses and requirements for the combined BA/MA program, please visit the undergraduate bulletin.

Please note that some forms of financial aid and scholarships will not extend to a student’s fifth year of study in the program. If you wish to discuss this possibility, please contact the Financial Assistance Office and/or scholarship-granting organization. Additionally, you may work with your academic advisor on how you can complete the program in less than five years.

BA/MA Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate mastery of both fundamental and advanced concepts in Biology and Chemistry, with a strong focus on the molecular biological and biochemical components of these disciplines.
  • Demonstrate expertise in the scientific method, including experimental design, critical assessment of the scientific literature, and an understanding of the principles and best practices for the ethical conduct of research.
  • Attain the technical and/or analytical skills required for employment or post-graduate education in BMB or BMB-related careers, including professional careers and science education.
  • Demonstrate ability to design and implement a research project and to present their research in both written and oral form.