EpiAWARE Project

We are recruiting for our project: EPI Aware!

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The Epi AWARE Study is a pilot study that will lay the foundation for investigating the relationship between three types of stressors (trauma-related, race-related, and family-related) and the risk of type 2 diabetes among Asian American women. The goal of the present study is to recruit a minimum of 200 female participants. The study consists of three phases:
  • Phase I will involve completing an online consent form and a questionnaire assessing early life and adult exposure to psychosocial stressors, health, reproduction, and family history of disease, including T2DM. 
  • Phase II (optional) will involve collecting blood samples and body size measurements at the General Clinical Research Unit of the Medical School.
  • Phase III (optional) will involve completing a second follow-up questionnaire six months after completing the first questionnaire.
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