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What is AWARE ?

AWARE grew out of stories we heard from Asian-American young women – diverse individuals who are traversing two worlds (the mainstream American culture and their parents’ culture) while navigating the challenges of young adulthood.  Despite the adversities, many of them have faced and their ongoing struggles, they are a group of vibrant, complex individuals with significant strengths.  Our work is dedicated to the women we’ve interviewed, as well as all Asian-American young women, with the hope that they will grasp their inherent worth and beauty, as well as grow in resilience and empowerment.

AWARE in College

AWARE has been conducted at Harvard University, Wellesley College, and Boston University. 

Testimony from participants

Through AWARE, my eyes and heart are opened.

Through AWARE, I can understand my parents better.  

With AWARE, I hope to build a stronger family.

Through AWARE, I hope to become a happy person.  

Because of AWARE, I know that I am not useless. 

Because of AWARE, I know that I deserve love.


AWARE in High School

AWARE has been implemented in Princeton High School for Asian American boys and girls.

Students on a field trip in NYC.

Student Testimony

“I didn’t remember what I did in class that day, but I remember every single AWARE lesson plan. Learning happens outside the classroom”

“It doesn’t matter ‘how’ Asian you are, but I learned that no matter how much or little Asian you are, AWARE helped with identity formation and how the Asian side of my family played a role in who I am, shaping my experience.”

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