Asian Studies Initiative at Boston University (ASIABU)

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The Asian Studies Initiative at Boston University (ASIABU) is an academic-cultural group of Boston University, approved in 2007 by the Student Activities Office (SAO). The purpose of ASIABU is to serve as the forum between students and faculty in Asian Studies at Boston University, in order to promote opportunities to learn about Asia and to develop career goals related to Asia for students, regardless of ethnic background. Its aim is also to foster collaboration with faculty in this rapidly expanding and developing field across the University.

We are currently recruiting Cultural Ambassadors, who act as the representatives between ASIABU and other student groups on campus. Click here to learn more and to apply for the position.

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Meet our E-Board!


Megan Hodge

Vice President

Evelyn Pham


David Gao

Public Relations

Linda Pham


Ashley Jeon

Event Coordinator

Katie Yao