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There are 14 comments on POV: Schism in the Methodist Church Explained

  1. LGBTQ+ is the issue but other issues also prevail. What Paul wrote in Galatians 3:28 was not dealing with sexuality. To read that into the scripture is to read into the scripture what you want it to say. The United Methodist Church has a discipline that delineates the rules of the covenant people called United Methodist. That covenant bound conservatives and liberals together as the church. The liberal arm broke the covenant by ordaining both clergy and bishops that were gay and lesbian. The covenant declared that should not happen. When it became apparent that the liberal arm cared little for the covenant then and only then did the conservatives abandoned the UMC.

  2. In Christ Jesus there is neither gay nor straight, both are worldly terms. Christ Jesus denounced worldly and lived a life totally in the Spirit of the Father. We have put worldly matters above Spiritual matters, Discipline above obedience, lies above truth, and man’s understanding above God’s love, whom no organization can even comprehend. (2 Kings 19:25-27) “Have you not heard? Long ago I ordained it. In days of old I planned it; now I have brought it to pass.” God knew long before you, the United Methodist Church would split over this issue. Now you say those that left do not know God and He has not touched their hearts with truth. Only United Methodist are saved, the rest lack understanding. May the ‘One True God’ bless you with His touch.

  3. Thank you for this explanation, which will give me words to carry to friends, and some fellow Methodists, who are challenging this.
    I am very happy to see this happen. My sister and her husband had been outspoken about this, from their pulpits in southern California, for years. The only regret, he passed away last summer, and she is a resident in a dementia care facility.
    I hope they will be able to understand how their efforts made a difference in the fight for right.

  4. Fortunately, opinion is “just that”. While it is true that @25% of UMC congregations have left that number reflects 35-40% of the total membership (and revenue as reflected in the drastic budget changes). Congregations leaving are, by and large, supportive of women ordination. Chastising disaffiliates as not reading and understanding the Bible is a constant deflection of those on the far left when accurate and honest discourse runs out.

  5. The Creator created man, and woman two different species altogether. Now we’re trying to say that the apostle Paul’s statement is correct by saying, there’s no man, or woman. God is not the author of confusion, he is the creator, he is the truth, and his son Jesus Christ but no one else.

  6. Thank you Dean Hill for your always thoughtful perspective and for including a key biblical reference. It has certainly been a long time coming. Now as many UMC-related STH alums have shared with me, may there be a renewed focus in the UMC community on living the gospel message in all its forms including social justice as well as climate change, and a host of other critical issues facing humanity.

  7. One of the reasons those churches left is that their traditional views were so sorely misrepresented and maligned by the church hierarchy. This article is a good example. Arguing over the”full humanity”? Opposition to women’s ordination? “fundamentalist”? None of this is true. Paragraph after paragraph of misinformation. Do better, BU.

  8. This professor uses his own humankind interpretation of the Bible verses he picked out. He states that the lack of volume about his stated reason that people left the UMC as edvidence that we who left are wrong. How many times is “Thou shalt not kill” stated? How does that volume litmous test hold water. God’s word is God’s word. No one ever mentioned to me that the number of times God said something make some of God’s word correct or non-considerable. Bishops and Elders all took bows to follow the BOD. Many of them broke those vows. I left because the leaders broke their vows and because bishops have no limits on varying from their own interpretations of God’s word. LGBTQ+ had nothing to do with with my decision. The professor states 200+ years of Methodism has happened. That tradition is a following of John and Charles Wesley teachings on following the teachings of our LORD. I did not leave the UMC. it left me because it deviates from those teachings in favor of a liberal social allowed interpretation that can be used to state whatever he or others wish them to say. God is constant. The resurrection is real. No human can change that with words.

  9. If you are talking about those of us at least here in Idaho who have voted to leave a Methodist church as it was more lenient in its thinking and then going to another Methodist church whose bishop is gay (we did not know he was voted in), then we do hope down the line that a heterosexual bishop is voted in.

  10. A very helpful artical. The only place inbthe article that gives pause is presenting politics, economics, culture and religion as having a “down stream” proximity. This could be read as having a linear cause and effect relationship. While this us true at a more elemental level of abstraction, at a more overarching level the relandship between economics, politics, culture and religion is circular, and perhaps with interlocking circularity between each.

  11. I appreciate your thoughtful and well written article. I think God called us to love one anther, Period.
    I think we are supposed to love even the worst of us.
    I don’t think we are called to judge or punish others.
    I just don’t understand all the opposing opinions.
    It may not be easy to do, but we are called to do it anyway.

  12. Dean Hill made two obvious mistakes in his assessment.

    1) There was no conflict in the UMC over the “full humanity” of gay people. The UMC has divided over several issues but that wasn’t one of them. I never even heard it discussed and I was a delegate to the NEUMC from 2008 until 2022.

    2) The ordination of women was not a dividing issue, either. Many of the leaders of the conservatives are women clergy.

    These are two obvious errors in Dean HIll’s article that he should correct.

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