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There are 17 comments on Why Dunkin’s Revamped Rewards Program Has Angered So Many Customers

  1. I thought I was the only one who wasn’t happy with the new Dunkin’ Donuts rewards change! Glad to know that others seem to be in the same boat. What I really miss is the simplicity of it: every certain amount of points meant a free drink. There was no decision to make except which size and which kind of coffee to get. Of course, this new change does give more options, which was the goal so I can understand how some might like it better. Perhaps in time I will learn to appreciate it as well, though I will probably always call the coffee shop “Dunkin’ Donuts” as it should rightfully be known.


  2. The new Dunkin’ rewards program might allow for greater redemption flexibility, but points earnings are more confusing and the program’s rollout was communicated poorly. But these issues pale in comparison to the customer service experience at the Dunkin’ locations I frequent, all of whom are plagued by crippling staffing shortages. I feel for the staff working at these locations, but I have to think that the low profit margins due to the price points of its products, growing costs of labor & materials, and real estate are all contributing factors to the challenges that Dunkin’ as a brand is facing – despite seemingly endless demand.

  3. Under the pressure of inflation, Dunkin is not the only brand changing its reward program and sale strategies. Now customers need to spend more to get the same points and buy more to get the same discount as before. As price is rising, loyalty programs are getting more important to keep the customers around. I agree with Lecture. Katz that the brands need to show customers some reasons of changing the loyalty program that matters to the clients. As a customer, I know that I now pay more and is losing, but if the new loyalty program can offer me some other benefit (not necessarily monetary or product perks), I might be convinced that I am actually gaining. Additionally, since many BU student order drinks and coffee with Grubhub, so maybe Dunkin can partner with Universities and their food service company and offer reward and perks.

  4. The way this was done and the marketing involved seem very deceptive. I order two things every visit—and I visit every morning during the work week so I am there 5 days a week. It’s the only decent cup of coffee that is quick at 4:30am when I leave for my commute. I get a Kolache and some Bagel Minis. I have nearly 5,000 points now. More and more every day. I can’t use them to get the things I actually eat so they are wasted. I also order an Iced Caramel Machiatto with 3 extra shots of espresso to start every day. Yes. Caffeine to get me going. I have converted for the 900 point premium sips many times and it never comps my coffee. No one in the store understands why. NO ONE. NOT EVEN THE MANAGER who, often just gives me the coffee free since I am there EVERY SINGLE MORNING. So—basically my points are useless. It is either very poor communication and training or it’s a scam and deceptive. I still visit. Only game in town that early. But I’d go elsewhere if I could just because they have not been responsive to my queries and their program does not provide the benefit to me it made me think it would.

  5. I sustained an injury and can’t drive for a long while. I can only get Dunkin when someone picks it up for me and I’m definitely not blowing more $$$ on having it delivered by Doordash and the like. I havent reached boosted status since this change happened. I liked the old system more.

  6. I agrée. The new points are useless. I’ve tried to convert my points many times and have yet to get a free drink. Even store staff have tried to use my phone to make it work but couldn’t. I emailed Dunkin customer service, saying it didn’t work. All I got back was the procedure for how it was supposed to work. They couldn’t deal with the fact that I had used this procedure and it didn’t work. Massive failure.

  7. I was on vacation out of state in October when Dunkin announced “improvements” to their DDperks loyalty program now known as Dunkin Rewards. I first noticed a problem when I got home, I went to print a free beverage coupon on my computer, what I got was a screen that displayed “You Have a Free Beverage Coupon Reward”. Since I do not have a smartphone, there was no way for me to get my free beverage or any other reward. I had 3 DDperks cards with a total of about $120.00 on them, so I called Dunkin customer support in October asking for a refund of the balances on the cards. After a discussion with a Customer Support representative, I was told it would take a while but I would get a refund check in the mail. In December, I emailed Dunkin Customer Support to see where my refund was, and I was then told that I would have to go to the store where I had purchased the cards (or added to the balance) to get a refund. Since all my transactions had been online at DDperks.com that was not possible. After multiple emails back and forth, in January I finally stated in an email that “if Customer Support could not offer me a refund”, that I would go up the management chain with Dunkin Brands and Inspire Brands with my complaint. The next day I was offered a refund of all my cash balances with $10.00 added to 1 of the cards to make up for the free beverage coupon that I could not redeem. Dunkin has lost a long time loyal customer and I have found other places to get my coffee.

  8. They do not give veteran discounts on Hollywood Blvd and Argyle in Los Angeles.They now also have automatic dispensers not very good for seniors. I have reported the former to a Joshua Harr couple of times but no responses.
    Honorably Discharged Naval Veteran. Btw Coffee Bean honors veterans with a very nice discount

  9. This so-called new reward program really sucks… You have to really accumulate a lot of points just to get a bonus, coffee drink… I do not go to Dunkin as often as I used to… Trying to wean myself from them by finding other coffee outlets… Dunkin, go back to the original rewards program…

  10. Can’t get the app to work properly. When I got “help” from an employee it got worse. Instead of using the rewards they charged my card and reduced the number of rewards points remaining. They DID put the order in my “rewards” section but this is so frustrating I’m ready to quit trying. No available step-by-step instructions available either.

  11. My phone doesn’t have an app. I have thousands of points and cannot use them. I am not dealing with an app phone. What can I do to start using my rewards? Dunkin ‘s programs should be made easier to use the rewards instead of CHEATING us out of our earned rewards.

  12. Welcome to 2024. They have done it again today framing it as an “exciting update”. Now getting a crafted coffee drink (latte, cappuccino, macchiato, etc.) you need to spend 900 points (before it was 700 points) – which is a 30% increase! And same triple points for birthday instead of free drink.

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